Trends in 2022 for Publishers

Do you want to know what trends will completely change the way publishers run their websites in 2022? Then make yourself comfortable, prepare a cup of hot chocolate and read this post.

Trends in 2022 for Publishers

#1 Writing less, talking more

2022 brings audio content into the spotlight. Podcasts (audio-shows that can last for hours) and voice searches are becoming more and more popular.

#2 Mobile Traffic is on fire

Now that mobile traffic has officially eclipsed desktop, it’s critical that you optimize your website for mobile devices.

#3 More digitized processes


The first front in problem resolution and establishing customer connections.

"Chatbots are a bit excessive. But regular chats, comment sections, discord channels, telegram/youtube channels or chats are worth having" – says Anton Averchenkov, Team Lead of our Traffic Acquisition team.

AI for content creation

Ever tried to use AI to write content? It’s fast, easy, and it can analyze other pieces of content much faster than a human being can.

Auto-optimization for Publishers

What could be better than running 4 ready-optimized formats at once? MultiTag is one of the best monetization solutions!

#4 The rise of micro-communities

Worldwide webmasters communities grow stronger and bigger!

“Anything is good if it helps to build up a community around your project. As we can see, webmasters that build strong and steady communities stay on the market for longer than those who don’t” – adds Anton.

#5 Tighter policies and Cookie experience

"Death to Cookies" was postponed by Google to 2023, but it will happen and you need to be prepared. Ask our Managers, if you need help to deal with settings.