Branding Harmony: Our Process is More Than Just Creating Graphics. It’s About Understanding Your Business!

At Leading Edge Marketing Solutions, we start by extensively discussing what your project requirements are and whether it is simply a refresh of your current branding, or a complete overhaul. We then research your industry thoroughly, taking into account visual psychology i.e. what suits your particular industry and what will make you stand out from your competitors.  Next, we begin presenting a wide variety of initial concepts for you to choose from. We collaborate with you to refine your brand and ultimately create a brand which you can be proud of.

Finally, once you are happy with the core identity we then develop out your brand to a series of visual digital applications including brand guidelines, icons, and typography styles to ensure your brand looks consistent.

Conceptual Design Samples

Case Study: Logo Redesign

The Legacy Center of Michigan chose Leading Edge Marketing Solutions to create a new brand identity.  They needed new branding and logo which portrays a Modern, High-End, Sports Brand Image, while Legacy-old2keeping the Running Man symbol.  In addition, most people did not know what type of business Legacy Center was, due to prior inconsistent branding efforts.  For the new redesigned logo on the right the Running Man symbol was modified to utilize negative space to separate the oval from the man to enable it to look great even when printed in a single color. The typography also utilizes negative space and was chosen to give a modern edgy feeling. The words Sports Complex were added to build brand awareness. For brand consistency the new logo along with the brand guidelines we provided are now used across all of Legacy Center’s various types of print & digital media marketing, including T-shirts, business cards, and billboards.

New Logo Design

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